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6 lesson options to improve your golf
1 price 650kr

( 40 minutes individual training)

With over 30 year experience coaching golfers of all level, we can help you to increase distance and accuracy. Using Trackman AI and video analysis to optimize your swing.


Swing Training

Do you have a hook or a slice? We can help you to hit straighter shots almost immediately. Using Trackman and AI to pinpoint your mistake and make the necessary corrections


Slice or Hook correction

We can help you to optimize your driver distance and accuracy. Trackman measures the most important parameters including angle of attack launch angle and spin rate.


Driver optimization

Book an individual lesson today

We use the tour proven putting techniques used by the best players in the world. We will simplify your putting stroke and focus on aim startline and speed control.



We practice a total of 9 shots around the green with a distance of less than 50 meters. From the chip and run to the pitch we can help you gain confidence in your short game.


Short Game

How good is your wedge game? Using the Trackman test we can evaluate your strengths and weakness and put together a plan to improve. This the the key to making more BIRDIES


Wedge training

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